“Hamilton” choreographer shows expert class in Gorham

Jon Rua, who was the understudy for the lead part in the Broadway hit musical, demonstrates some hip-jump moves to move understudies.

GORHAM — Jon Rua says he realizes that many people couldn’t bear to go to New York and watch the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” which has played to sold-out exhibitions for as long as year.

Until he exited the show in June, Rua was the understudy for the lead part and contributing choreographer who filled the role of Charles Lee eight demonstrates a week, including amid the musical’s off-Broadway run. Rua said one way he can give back is to show some of his moves to move understudies who couldn’t manage the cost of a ticket to “Hamilton,” which is sold out through next May and costs $849 for a premium seat.

“Many individuals who take my class don’t have the cash to see “Hamilton,” however they get the opportunity to experience some of it through me,” Rua said.

Rua, 33, instructed classes to 140 youthful artists Saturday at the Dance Studio of Maine in Gorham and will again Sunday. This was his second appearance at the studio claimed by Trish Moulton, who has highlighted expert classes with other surely understood artists and choreographers, for example, Kate Harpootlian and Ellenore Scott, both hopefuls on the “So You Think You Can Dance” TV arrangement.

Rua was likewise planned to choreograph a unique piece amid the weekend that Moulton will use in rivalries.

Rua is a rising star who would like to join choreography, acting, written work and coordinating into one vocation. The child of Colombian outsiders, Rua said he experienced childhood in humble surroundings in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He said his own particular mother could just bear to see him in “Hamilton” once.

Despite the fact that he was dynamic in walking band in secondary school and minored in music in school, he didn’t enter the universe of amusement until after graduation from Rutgers University, where he majored in correspondences and advertising. He depicts himself as a recreational artist and entertainer who is for the most part self-educated. Thinking about what to do after school, Rua wound up at an intersection.

“I had been offered an occupation as a money related guide and was acknowledged into a hip-jump organization,” he said.

Choreographer Jon Rua watches understudies move at the Dance Studio of Maine in Gorham on Saturday.

Choreographer Jon Rua watches understudies move at the Dance Studio of Maine in Gorham on Saturday.

He took the unpaid move work and never thought back. He started to meet individuals in the hip-jump world on and off Broadway. He has showed up in two other Broadway appears, “Hands on the Hardbody” and “In the Heights.” He choreographed the Phish street appear and the Municipal Theater Association of St. Louis’ 2016 creation of “Aida.”

He said he was prepared to leave “Hamilton” and the requests of performing eight demonstrates a week. From that point forward, he has pressed his days with showing move classes, making new move pieces, singing, trying out for parts, and composing.

“I felt I was opening another book, instead of another section,” Rua said.

Understudies at the Dance Studio of Maine said they were excited and anxious to move next to a Broadway entertainer. Maya Lee, 12, of Gorham said she loves acting and moving, much the same as Rua.

“I am anxious yet positively,” Maya said.

Mikki Leskowsky, 13, of Gorham tasted on some vitamin water to keep herself hydrated before she took Rua’s class.

“I’m somewhat anxious yet truly energized,” Mikki said.

Author : Tapas Das

Tapas Das, a young entrepreneur of our times started TWIST N TURNS in 2005. A person who is kind, generous, creative and down to earth wanted to start his own one of a kind dance academy. According to him, Dance is a language of movements that involves space, time and the human body. He was born and grew up in Kolkata, the cultural hub of India. Being appreciated in the field of dance all his life, he is extremely talented. He has been dancing since the age of four. Once he finished his high school, he learned jazz/modern and contemporary dance. His horizons were broadened even more when he started dancing Bollywood with Beat Busters for 4 years, which then was the most upcoming dance crew in Kolkata. After that exposure, he studied how to be a dance teacher, which later started helping him impart his knowledge about dance. Thus, in 2005, with the help of family and friends, he started TWIST N TURNS. Starting with a mere number of 40 students, today TWIST N TURNS currently has over 500 students. Over the time Tapas has taught and performed all over the country. He has performed in cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Jhansi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur etc. He has been an active participant in the Salsa India Congress in the cities of Bangalore and Bombay, and he has also visited various International Salsa Congresses in Europe, namely in Berlin ,Singapore, Hong Kong,Dubai. He is been also trained recently at Broadway Dance Center (New York), Alvin Alley (New York) and Steps on Broadway (New York). He is not only a dancer or teacher. He is a successful choreographer and has coordinated various shows without difficulty in our country. His leadership skills are exceptional, thus he is where he stands today. His aim in life would be to become a dance educator. He wants to share his tremendous knowledge in the right way to the right people. He is also, simultaneously running other brands like Zumba Kolkata, Bollywood Studio and India International Dance Institute.

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