Diploma in Dance Education

Program Overviews

Dance instructor certificate programs give individuals the knowledge base and skills necessary to teach others formal dance, choreography and the history of the field.

Dance Instructor Certificate Programs
Dance instructor certificate classes cover elements in performance and style. Students develop lesson plans and learn proper alignment and movement. Coursework is a combination of classroom study, performance, and independent projects. Often available are electives related to physical movements, such as fitness training, kinesiology, anatomy, and physiology. Some common courses include:

  • Teaching dance technique
  • Dance composition
  • Production choreography
  • Dance rehearsal and performance
  • Performance preparations
  • Body Anatomy
  • Dance injuries and preventions
  • Understanding Sound, sound mixing and lights
  • Costumes and designing
  • Event Management
  • 200 hours of practical training (Inclusive of classes events and observations)

Popular Career Options

Graduates of a dance instructor certificate program are qualified to teach in local recreation programs or as private tutors. Certificate holders who go on to earn an advanced degree in education may teach at the elementary, high school and college levels.

Continuing Education Information
Certification isn’t required for dance instructors by law, but a number of professional organizations, offer it to instructors who meet their background and continuing education standards. Instructors who want to work in the public school system need a state teaching license, which generally entails earning at least a bachelor’s degree, completing a training program and demonstrating proficiency in the subject.

Dance instructor certificate program curriculum includes performances and projects. Students learn about various forms of dance and teaching techniques.


One must have basic dancing skills. Must have passed 10 +2 and can read and write in English.
Interested participants must email his/her details and dance video link from Youtube at 9830021421 We will review and reply back for registrations.


6 Month quick course

1. Total course fee for this quick course is Rs 49,000/-.

The application fee is Rs 7,000/- (non-refundable and adjusted with the course fee) + Rs. 7,000/- (for the 1st month) and rest of the payment i.e., Rs. 35,000/- can be paid in 3 instalments.

1 Year full-time course

1. The total course fee is Rs. 91,000/-.

The application fee is Rs 7,000/- (non-refundable and adjusted with the course fee) + Rs. 7,000/- (for the 1st month) and rest of the payment i.e., Rs. 77,000/-  can be paid in monthly instalments.

Students from outside Kolkata may also join these courses. Your staying can be only be arranged at different PG near to your training centre.

Note: The certificate will be provided once the entire payment is made and after the completion of the course.

Application Guidelines

Collect the prospectus from the office and fill out the application form.

1. Please include a dance resume describing your previous training and experience.

2. Attach one personal or professional dance photograph of (4’* 6’ Size) that best demonstrates your technical ability and strongest style.

3.A short essay in English stating your goals as a dancer and how India International Dance Institute can help you to achieve those goals.

4. A copy of your valid Passport/ Driving License/ Voter ID / School Certificate is required.

5. Complete Health and fitness certificate from any hospital in India is required.

6. Medical insurance is a must.

7. Please include. Rs 7,000/- (non-refundable and adjusted with the course tuition fee) application fee (payable by money order, wire transfer, Demand Draft or cheque in Indian rupees).

Last date of submission: One can apply at any time.

Please courier cheque/D.D/ Pay Order and forms to:

Tapas Performing Arts Private Limited
BF 115 Salt Lake City
Kolkata 700091
Incomplete applications will not be accepted. India International Dance Institute will notify you via email or phone upon acceptance — you must have a valid email address.

Payment may be wired directly to India International Dance Institute bank account. Please contact us for specific wiring information at  +91 9830028011

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