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Why should Dancers study Anatomy?

Interestingly, many dancers use their bodies their entire career without really knowing anything about them. There are many reasons why learning anatomy may benefit a dancer. Most importantly for dance teachers.

For instance, if a dancer is experiencing pain due to improper alignment or body positioning, understanding anatomy may enable the dancer to make the proper adjustments that may alleviate the strain.

In the event of an injury, a dancer may be able to communicate more effectively about the nature of their pain, which in turn will support them on their way to recovery.

Furthermore, a deep understanding of anatomy may reduce fears associated with injuries as the physical body is no longer sensed as a mystery.

Studying anatomy also enhances body awareness. A dancer will benefit from the increased intuitive connection to their own anatomy—feeling the joints and muscles and all the ways they move, as well as how the body functions as a whole.

Dancers’ bodies are their instruments for expression. Learning anatomy through clay building not only compliments the art form of dance, it is in art in itself that brings many lifelong benefits.

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  1. Sanjeeb Das

    What you are using is a tool and also the instrument.. isn’t it ? For dance or everything you are using your body which is everything ..Learn the proper moves, practice it to make it your own ….this is part 1 …..take on… if you are with it 2nd part will come. ….. Sanjeeb

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