The Body | Choreographer’ s Creations

The Body | Choreographer’ s Creations

Dance uses the body as an instrument of expression in time and space. Behind every movement lies an intention that is revealed by conscious control of energy. It is the choreographer’s job to design dance compositions that manipulate body shape and movement patterns creatively in space and in time with a determined energy. This manipulation makes the choreographer’ s emotions and aesthetic inventions concrete and draws in the emotional participation of the performers and the viewers of the choreographer’s creation

This topic choreographer’s creation explores the ways we move our bodies in choreography by looking at the range of movement; the coordination of movement from the inside out; locomotion using action words; and the choreographic use of personal space, non-locomotor movement, gestures, and shapes. The goal is to facilitate the development of movement phrases or motifs that can be expanded into solo studies.

Origin of Movements:

A movement is a neuromuscular event in the body, the brain provides impulses to stimulates the nerves leading to muscles. the nerves elicit the desired muscular contraction that produces shapes and actions. motivations (impulses) to move (actions) usually comes from wothin. dance is the interplay between impulse and actions.

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