Dance Instructor-ship Certification Program with Tapas Das

  About: This program is specially designed for all the dancers who are pursuing dance as a professional career. In this program, you will be getting – an insight on

How to Organise and Manage a Dance class.

Creating a positive learning atmosphere effective teaching depends on the teacher’s ability to organize and manage the dance class. Dealing with students behaviour in a dance class in giving appropriate


Are you trying to be a cleaner dancer? I can help you! While dance is an expression and not a military drill, being clean allows the audience to see and

How to Get a Dancer’s Body?

How to Get a Dancer’s Body? Dancer’s bodies are ordinarily long, incline, and solid. Many individuals begrudge the body, however, don’t really understand that they can get a comparable shape.

How to Become a Dance Teacher | Career Guide

Turning into a Dance Teacher Dance educators may instruct out in the open or non-public schools, after-school projects, or private dance studios. They teach their understudies in the fundamentals of

The Body | Choreographer’ s Creations

Dance uses the body as an instrument of expression in time and space. Behind every movement lies an intention that is revealed by conscious control of energy. It is the

Why should Dancers study Anatomy?

Interestingly, many dancers use their bodies their entire career without really knowing anything about them. There are many reasons why learning anatomy may benefit a dancer. Most importantly for dance

Contrast between an dancer and dance instructor?

A qualified dance instructor needs to know more. While a dancer needs to know how to dance, a dance instructor needs to know how to educate dance. Not each dancer

Becoming a Professional Dancer | Career Talk

Would I Like to Be a Professional Dancer? Proficient artists show choreographed body developments and might show up in theatre creations, TV shows, films, and dance presentations. Artists recount stories

What is Jazz Dance?

How should one start learning Jazz Dance? It is called Jazz dance lessons, but you won’t hear traditional Jazz music in them. If you ask for an explanation of a